2015 Dodge Stealth Price

Saturday, May 30th 2015 | Dodge

Have you ever heard the new version of 2015 Dodge Stealth before? This car is the new generation that will be constructed to be better and offered in the next marketplace. Even though this new version is still being a project, but the manufacturer has new ambition to modify it to meet demands of market in the following time. This car will feature new futuristic design to amaze the car enthusiasts about its new style, and its interior will be more elegant. Nonetheless, the official engine is still unknown until this moment.

2015 Dodge Stealth
2015 Dodge Stealth New Design

2015 Dodge Stealth comes for future market and will feature the new fantastic design outside, this car will have futuristic style to make any people attracted to see at the first sight. The manufacturer will construct the shape with better and followed with elegant nuance to for giving more enjoyable. On the front design, it will be equipped with beautiful headlight for featuring elegant look outside. About the new style, 2015 Dodge Stealth has been planned to come with different appearance compared to the other muscle cars in the present days. The official manufacturer is possible to bring the new muscle vehicle at the next industry. For interior part, there is no clear information given about fully equipment inside a cabin to make the car available with new style, but this car has been issued to present elegant interior as the muscle version. Besides, Dodge will also be possible to feature luxurious nuance inward 2015 Dodge Stealth.

2015 Dodge Stealth Engine

Speaking about the actual performance under the hood, you will not get an official engine at this time. 2015 Dodge Stealth will likely be powered with an expected engine where the turbo system is the optional version to offer and it will be followed with AWD system as the new configuration. In other way, the manufacturer will probably bring the best suspension in this car. In the new prediction, 2015 Dodge Stealth will be possible to come with V6 engine for boosting its performance. For further information about its specs, you need to wait for a moment to get more news about official engine system.

2015 Dodge Stealth Release Date

This car has been predicted strongly to be available in the next market around this year. Meanwhile, the company also discloses the exact announcement about the estimated cost of 2015 Dodge Stealth.

2015 Dodge Stealth Gallery

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