2015 Fiat Spider Price and Release Date

Friday, April 3rd 2015 | Fiat

The new version of Fiat will be released in early month of 2015, 2015 Fiat Spider will be the one to offer at the next industry. It will be available with the small body to interest many people. The company has cooperated with Alfa Romeo Company to produce the new version.

2015 Fiat Spider Abarth
2015 Fiat Spider New Design

The 2015 Spider will be released well to attract many car enthusiasts by featuring the small body. The manufacturer will redesign the car to be more stylish. Besides that, this car will also feature the stripes back trunk around the body. According to the author of car magazine, on the front body, the wheel of the car will have 16-inch and on the rear, it will be available with 17 inches. There are no more detailed specs revealed for whole materials outside the bodywork to use. But the new 2015 Fiat Spider is going to have the different interior design when compared with the model of PT Spider. Concerning the interior look, the manufacturer will use the LCD screen which is followed with the components such as car mode, sound system as even also car locking. Besides featuring the stylish design, this car will probably come with futuristic look. On the other hand, this cabin will contain at least five passengers because the official manufacturer provided four comfortable seats inside 2015 Fiat Spider.

2015 Fiat Spider Engine Specs

The 2015 Fiat Spider will be designed to use engine system like the 1.4 litre Multi Air Intercooled Turbo Engine followed with four-cylinder Fiat engine. This system will make the car perform faster because the manufacturer has determined the best one for this year and also make the car will not be easily overheating when running. On the other side, 2015 Fiat Spider is going to deliver more than 160 hp (119 KW), the manufacturer will make this engine have resemblance with the Fiat 500 Abart as well as Dodge Dart, while the output of torque will be around 184 lb-ft (249 Nm). And for the other result, this car will have the top speed up to 112 mph.

2015 Fiat Spider Release Date and Price

In fact, the official company is going to premiere the car sometime in the beginning of 2015 followed with unofficial cost tag. Rumorly, by having the futuristic design, at least $ 14,000 up to $ 16,000 will be the new estimation for 2015 Fiat Spider.

2015 Fiat Spider Gallery

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