2015 Ford Torino

Saturday, January 31st 2015 | Ford

The 2015 Ford Torino will become the new muscle car version in the next global market. In the United States of America, the people have known well that the Ford has produced several muscle cars. It is not impossible that this car will come true as the muscle car.

New 2015 Ford Torino
Ford Torino Appearance

The New 2015 Ford Torino will be feasible to come different than before, the very huge possibility, this car can come with aluminum unit to make the design lighter in order to perform faster on the road. It is rumor only, not the fact. In the other side, this car is predicted to come more stylish inside and outside the body. The curved design will be included to change the tail body appearance, and the curved-sharp will be seen in the front body. On its contrary, this car will not have bumper for covering the body. In the other changes, Ford Torino 2015 will bring the alloy wheel with 17-inch to modify the wheel base. That’s why, this car will be right to come elegant in the next time. And next to the design inside a cabin, this interior will be modified by including several features like LCD screen unit, wiper placed in the front body even more. In other report, the tail body will be set to be higher than front body. So, the people are able to see the perfect muscle car in 2015 Grand Torino.

Ford Torino Performance

Can we guess what kind of engine option which will be used later? There is no longer chance to answer this question, because 2015 Ford Grand Torino is still unknown yet to use what type of engine. The Ford website informed that there will be the one of engine system to include, it is the Eco Boost V8 engine with five litre. Therefore, this vehicle will be available with 443 hp as well as 525 pound-feet of torque. In other result by using this engine option, the top speed of this car will be 214 mph, while around 0 up to 60 mph will be produced within 4 seconds by 2015 Ford Torino.

2015 Ford Torino Release Date and Price

It is so difficult getting the final information about the release date and price of this new version. Concerning this news, the company does not give the certain confirmation until now. For further information, let the official company releases the final announcement later on. Speaking about the price rumor, this car will probably be priced around $40.000, even though this price is higher, this is the new estimation for 2015 Ford Torino.

2015 Ford Torino Gallery

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