2015 Plymouth Barracuda Price and Concept

Friday, May 8th 2015 | Plymouth

2015 Plymouth Barracuda is one of the muscle cars that are people anticipated to see. There is a strong rumors said that the company will redesign it with perfect and masculine design. The engine of this newest version is also excellent. It gives no regret at all if you want to wait the arrival of this car.

2015 Plymouth Barracuda
2015 Plymouth Barracuda Exterior and Interior

2015 Plymouth Barracuda could amaze you with its new look as the American muscle car. It is hard to ignore its arrival once it is launched in the market. The company has big ambition to redesign it in order to take over the domination of Dodge Challenger in the market. Well, it is built as a sedan with masculine look. The design is quite tough and the engine is amazing. This car could make your jaw dropped because the new design to offer. 2015 Plymouth Barracuda has not been released yet especially for the new concept. At this time there are only some speculations and rumors spreading over the media. Based on some rendered pictures, this new generation is quite promising to go with more stylish design and its bodywork will be tough enough. Not only that, but it also receives LED lamps around the headlights and the taillights so that the car has more modern look that is quite futuristic. However, it is still hard for us to get more information to collect about 2015 Plymouth Barracuda.

2015 Plymouth Barracuda Engine

As we have mentioned to you above that this car is a muscle car with great performance to offer. It is not surprising if later the car could jeopardize some strong rivals once the company launched it on the market. This car is also could give much better fuel economy compared to the previous model. Although we cannot find out about the details of information around the performance, there is a strong prediction that this 2015 Plymouth Barracuda will be available with supercharged hemi engine 6.2 liter in order to produce the output for about 600 horsepower or even more.

2015 Plymouth Barracuda Release Date and Price

Up to now, this new car is still not been confirmed yet by the company. What we could do is about waiting the exact information. Rumors said that this car should be available for market sales at the end of 2015. For the price tag, that unclear information is not enough to estimate the cost for 2015 Plymouth Barracuda.

2015 Plymouth Barracuda Gallery

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