2015 Pontiac G6 Price Release Date

Tuesday, February 10th 2015 | Pontiac

The new 2015 Pontiac G6 comes with elegant even impressive designs for the next time. The new features, design and also performance in this car will be presented sooner.

Pontiac G6
Pontiac G6 Appearance

2015 Pontiac G6 will be seen by many people as the new generation. Don’t you know that the manufacturer has had the plan to make the car appear amazing in the future. Besides that, this car will also come with more impressive design outside the body. So, it will make lots of people queue up to drive even buy. In addition, the design of this car is going to be revamped to become a mid-size version. About the following materials, you can only hope that the company is able to offer the new equipments to make the car more elegant than before. Inside, Pontiac G6 will also redesign the cabin by requiring several features. Maybe possible, this car will include the Bluetooth connectivity, MP3/CD player, power steering as well as air conditioning system to complete the dashboard area. In addition, the manufacturer will also change the front seat made from heated leather, while the LCD display come as the following facility for 2015 Pontiac G6.

Pontiac G6 Performance

2015 Pontiac G6 will probably offer the best engine than before, when we review to the previous performance. There were several engines which have been installed in the last G6 version. Basically, the last G6 has used the engine 4-cylinder with a 2.4 litre produced more than 164 hp. The other options were V6 engine with 3.5 litre generated around 219 hp and the V6 engine 3.9 litre pumped up to 222 hp has been incorporated for the last convertible versions. In the future, 2015 Pontiac G6 is going to be possible to use the V6 engine mated with a 3.6 litre taken from GPX version cranked out at least 252 hp. This engine must be powerful one than those engines above. For the transmission, this new vehicle can be transmitted with a 6-speed automatic gearbox. It is not impossible for the manufacturer to consider more to make the car have the best consumption of fuel usage.

2015 Pontiac G6 Release Date and Price

This new production will be released on the global market sometime in around 2015 followed with uncertain date. However, the range between $20,000 and $30,000 will be offered for 2015 Pontiac G6.

2015 Pontiac G6 Gallery

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