2015 VW Phaeton

Tuesday, February 3rd 2015 | Volkswagen

2015 VW Phaeton is prepared to appear with long body shaped. The Volkswagen company will make the global market busy later on caused of their new production. This car will also come with aggressive and stylish designs.

New VW Phaeton 2015
VW Phaeton Appearance

New 2015 VW Phaeton will use the latest aluminum MLM Evo platform in order to renew the outside design. For the new appearance, this car will have LED headlights and also chromium grille in the front body. So, these materials can make the car more luxurious and fabulous. Besides that, this vehicle will come with two different wheel bases. Meanwhile, the alloy wheel with 19-inch will be used for aluminum wheel base unit. For the rear design, the new bumper and exhausted system with long flat will also be brought. Next to the interior appearance, New VW Phaeton 2015 will come with four elegant seats. The company has revamped the entire seats using the heat resistance as well as natural leather unit. For the cockpit design, there will be a little features available, they are navigation system, LCD screen display, Bluetooth connectivity, MP3 player even also climate control. So, these features deserve to give a comfortable facility for 2015 Phaeton.

VW Phaeton Performance Revealed

When we review to the last version, there were two engine versions like V8 and also W12. For the future, New VW Phaeton will not use one of them, but will incorporate the turbocharged four-cylinder and also V6 engine with a 3.5 litre. By using V6 version, at least 345 hp will be produced by this car. Besides that, the eight-speed automatic gearbox can be mated in this car. For the acceleration, this car can sprint from 0 up to within 4.5 seconds. And around 175 mph is the top speed of this version. In other rumor, the limited edition of V8 or also W12 can be offered for 2015 VW Phaeton.

VW Phaeton Competition

Speaking of the competition in the future, New 2015 Phaeton will come in public as the new contender for BMW 7 Series and also Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

2015 VW Phaeton Release Date and Price

About the introduction time, this car will probably be existed in the starting month of 2015. But there is no official date of release confirmed until now. In the one hand, this vehicle will have a range approximately $60,000 and the new competitors above will be ready to face the 2015 VW Phaeton.

2015 VW Phaeton Gallery

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