2016 Acura TSX Release and Estimated Price

Saturday, December 20th 2014 | Acura

New 2016 Acura TSX is going to be ready to appear at the market in the following moment. The manufacturer will probably offer the new features and materials to modify the model. Based on the plan, the models of TSX and TL will be changed by Acura Company. For detailed designs around the body, the customers should read the following explanation below.

2016 Acura TSX

2016 Acura TSX will offer several specifications

2016 Acura TSX is the new car which is going to be revamped by the manufacturer in order to produce and offer the best design and performance to a lot of drivers and passengers in the world. The new LED headlights with Jewel Eye model will be used to renew the appearance outside the body. But, there are several information about the the other changes outside the body. So, we can only expect the best design when the car comes in the following days. Inside a cabin, 2016 Acura TSX is going to be possible to have the best features to modify the interior look. In this case, we will see the new camera and radar system. Besides that, the manufacturer will also offer the automatic speed braking, notification of lane departure, adaptive cruise control and many more to outfit the design inside the 2016 Acura TSX.

2016 Acura TSX New Engine

Speaking about the performance, we should read the following explanation about the engine system in this car. Based on the speculation, 2016 Acura TSX will have different engine with the latest TLX even TL versions. As we know together, the 2.4 litre with 4-cylinder cranked out the output around 206 hp will be the base engine system. In the future, the manufacturer is going to be possible to make the car fast by using the V6 engine mated with 3.5 litre, this engine will also be connected to the latest 8-speed or 9-speed automatic transmissions in order to produce more than 290 hp. We think it will be the best engine for the 2016 Acura TSX.

2016 Acura TSX Release Date

There is no longer explanation to take as the reference, because the company did not inform the final announcement when the car will come in the market. The official company is still discussing the first debut for the new generation. We can only wait for the real presentation and price of the 2016 Acura TSX.

2016 Acura TSX Gallery

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