2016 Audi A5 Coupe, Convertible Redesign Release Date

Tuesday, January 13th 2015 | Audi

2016 Audi A5 is the second production which will be offered by Audi Company. For the next moment, this car will be possible to have elegant appearance and offer several engine options. In fact, the company has introduced the Audi A5 in 2008. Then, getting the update model in 2012.

2016 Audi A5 Coupe
Next Modifications Happened In 2016 Audi A5

The 2016 Audi A5 is the new model which can be possible to come with elegant and sporty designs. The reports have said that the manufacturer will redesign the whole appearances around the body. The Evo platform will be used as the underpinning for this car. Besides that, the manufacturer will use the lightweight materials to renew this car. As a result, this car will be lighter. In addition, 2016 Audi A5 will come different by offering several materials such as the amazing LED headlights, larger air intakes, aluminum panels and others. By using the lightweight materials, this car will be reduced at least 220 pounds. Inside the car, the manufacturer will modify the interior design to be futuristic, and the latest MMI infotainment system will be one of several features to include inside 2016 Audi A5.

Several Optional Engines to Use in 2016 Audi A5

To give the new performance on the road, the manufacturer has determined to offer three various engine systems. The 2016 Audi A5 will use turbocharged engine 4-cylinder two litre as the base model, so this engine will be able to reach 211 hp. And the second engine will be V6 engine 3.0 litre delivered around 333 hp. And the last one will probably be engine of V8 unit twin turbo 4.0 litre which can be good for more than 450 hp. In other side, the 6-speed manual transmission will be offered in this engine. In addition, the manufacturer will also offer the standard model of FWD system even the extra optional of Quattro AWD system to connect in 2016 Audi A5.

The Next Competitors for 2016 Audi A5

In the next days, the 2016 Audi A5 will be possible to compete with its rival like the BMW 4 Series Coupe and also Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe.

2016 Audi A5 Release Date and Price

It will be new information revealed about release date and price in this case, the company will probably offer the car to go on sale around the starting month of 2015. But there is no more date taken from this statement. In other report, this car will be priced at least 40K Dollars and it will be possible that the company can offer the higher price for 2016 Audi A5.

2016 Audi A5 Gallery

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