2016 BMW M8 Price and Specs

Thursday, October 9th 2014 | BMW

2016 BMW M8 as the coupe model of the first supercar is going to come with some designs. The manufacturer is possible to make it happen by completing the best materials in order to give the different appearances at the body. As we know each other, there are many people like the coupe model in the car communities. That’s why, the manufacturer has decided the best program to renew the next car. In other side, this car is able to compete with the rivals like Audi R8 and Porsche 911 Turbo.

2016 BMW M8 Price

2016 BMW M8 Specs

2016 M8 has some materials like magnesium, aluminum and carbon fiber to renew the bodywork. Based on the rumors, these materials can make the car lighter. That’s why, the manufacturer will produce the weight of the car approximately 2760 pounds. Besides that, the manufacturer probably required the headlights, the rear and the big air intake as well to complete the exterior design. BMW M8 does not only have the external appearance, but also the manufacturer has prepared everything to make the interior inside a cabin to be more elegant, the manufacturer is going to use the steering wheel and column, the new cockpit unit, element controller and the display unit to beautify the internal design of 2016 BMW M8.

2016 BMW M8 Engine2016 BMW M8 Engine

For engine option to install in this vehicle, the manufacturer has required the best engine model in order to produce many powers and fast speed. 2016 BMW M8 is going to set the twin turbocharged engine V8 a 1.5 litre combined with the 3-cylinder which has been paired with the electric motor as the hybrid supercar model. As a result, this engine is able to generate more than 600 hp. So, it can be good power for the speed hunters in the car communities.

2016 BMW M8 Release Date and Price

In this opportunity, we do not get the real date of the presentation in the future, because the manufacturer just reveal the release year of the car. 2016 BMW M8 is going to be available in the market around 2016. So, it can make a lot of customers wait too long. But, it can be a good information too, because the price of the car approximately $330K. As a result, the customers can save and earn a lot of money to buy this vehicle while waiting for the presentation in the following days.

2016 BMW M8 Gallery

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