2016 BMW X1 Rendering

Sunday, November 30th 2014 | BMW

2016 BMW X1 as the next generation of SUV model is going to be available in the market as soon as possible. Based on the rumors, this model has been spotted by some people in Germany. The company will probably test the car first before coming in the future in order to give the best appearance in the car communities even on the road, because a lot of car enthusiasts have known well about this car which has a luxurious design.

2016 BMW X1

2016 BMW X1 New Design

2016 BMW X1 is going to give more appearances inside and outside body designs. Because the manufacturer has had some materials like the rear and front fascias even the LED taillights to renew the body design at the exterior. The front-wheel drive is going to be matched by the company with the multi-plate clutch of Haldex unit in order to give the new change to the car enthusiasts as well. In other side, the company also requires the capability of 4-wheel drive unit. 2016 BMW X1 is possible to come with the new appearance in the interior inside a cabin by using the excess from the setup of front wheel drive unit. As a result, the cabin will get the wider space. In other side, the manufacturer will also modify the rear and boot legroom by using the FWD setup in order to give more elegant inside 2016 BMW X1.

2016 BMW X1 Engine

For under the hood inside the vehicle, the manufacturer has required the new family of this engine to use. Based on the fact, 2016 BMW X1 is possible to come by utilizing the 2.0 litre engine 4-cylinder with the diesel even petrol units. As a result, this power can crank out 184 hp and also delivered at least 100 hp as the electric motor. In other side, the manufacturer has offered the 1.5 litre as the 3-cylinder combined with the diesel and petrol engines as well.

2016 BMW X1 Release Date and Price

Talking about the introduction of this next car, a lot of car enthusiasts in the world are going to get the information about the official presentation of the car in the following days. 2016 BMW X1 is possible to appear for the first time at the Paris Motor Show around 2015. So, the car enthusiasts can spend their time while waiting for the launching of the car. In other fact, the customers are not able to know more concerning the car price but stay tuned on the company’s agreement.

2016 BMW X1 Gallery

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