2016 Buick Lacrosse Redesign

Tuesday, November 18th 2014 | Buick

2016 Buick Lacrosse is going to come with the four door model, as we know together that the sedan is the best model in the world, particularly in the car communities. But, the car enthusiasts have expected more luxurious design of this car. That’s why, the manufacturer is going to renew the model to be more elegant as the people wanted in order to be able attracting a lot of car enthusiasts in the world.

Buick Lacrosse

2016 Buick Lacrosse Changes

2016 Buick Lacrosse Redesign has some appearances in the interior inside a cabin and the body exterior, the manufacturer will require the Omega II Platform as the Elmiraj Concept to renew the design to be more elegant and luxurious look and increase the pound of the vehicle. The LED headlights and wide grille are going to be featured by the manufacturer to perform the beauty fascia at the body design in order to give more sensational look. And the roofline is a consideration as well. 2016 Buick Lacrosse does not only come with the four door model, but a lot of car enthusiasts like the model very much. In other side, the manufacturer will require the best underpinning design to make the car using the same base of lightweight architecture. The manufacturer will change the interior inside a cabin by modifying the seats and the space to be wider. So, the drivers and passengers can enjoy driving 2016 Buick Lacrosse.

2016 Buick Lacrosse Engine

Based on the fact, there are so many car enthusiasts who like the fast speed in driving, the company has decided what type of engine to use in this vehicle. 2016 Buick Lacrosse is going to use a GM model engine twin turbocharged V6 with a 3.6 liter LF3 which is able to deliver more than 420 hp and 430 lb-ft of torque. For solving the problem, this engine should use the hybrid system with a 2.4 liter EcoTec direct-injected which can run at least 182 hp.

2016 Buick Lacrosse Release Date and Price

In this occasion, the company did not enclose yet the real date of the car presentation for the future. 2016 Buick Lacrosse has been informed by the company to the people related the valid year. In spring 2016, this car is going to be available in the car market. There is not a valid information about the price of the car, maybe the company will price the car based on its characteristic and appearance. In other side, this car has been expected by the car enthusiasts have in the last of 2015.

2016 Buick Lacrosse Gallery

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