2016 Chevy Traverse Redesign

Wednesday, December 3rd 2014 | Chevrolet

2016 Chevy Traverse is the minivan car which is very suitable for the your family to use for the vacation time, this car can carry up at least seven passengers. That’s why, the manufacturer has designed the model in order to publish in the market sooner. Besides that, the people will see the luggage space around the interior design. Not only that, the manufacturer will make the car perform well by bringing the suitable engine for this family car.

2016 Chevy Traverse

2016 Chevy Traverse Changes

2016 Chevy Traverse Redesign will probably come in the future as the minivan model which is going to get some renovations to offer at the public sooner. The manufacturer has considered the changes inside the car. So, at least 7 people can be carried up in this car. About the best features inside a cabin, the manufacturer will probably offer the best tools and devices like the reversing camera, satellite audio, Bluetooth connectivity and many more. As a result, 2016 Chevy Traverse will be very suitable as the family car. Asking for the other changes, the manufacturer has determined the program to renew the appearances outside the body. Likely this car will undergo some improvements and also have different design than the previous models. But there is no valid information about the new materials offered, so the customers should wait for the following materials outside the 2016 Chevy Traverse.

2016 Chevy Traverse Engine

There is possibility whether the manufacturer will bring two optional outputs in this car, 2016 Chevy Traverse will be set to use the V6 engine mated with the 3.6 litre connected in the FWD system which can be possible to produce around 280 hp and 265 pound-feet of torque. And the second output by using the same FWD system will probably deliver at least 288 hp and have the torque around 270 lb-ft. In addition, the 6-speed automatic transmission will be included by the manufacturer in the 2016 Chevy Traverse.

2016 Chevy Traverse Release Date and Price

At this moment, a lot of car enthusiasts cannot know when they are able to see the new car at the market in the future, but they can only have a prediction about the time for premiering the new car later. Likely, the company will introduce the car after having the real agreement in the meeting time. Based on the report, the company will estimate the price tag of the car around 32,000 Dollars. For the buyers who want to get it, they should expend enough money in order to get the 2016 Chevy Traverse.

2016 Chevy Traverse Gallery

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