2016 Corvette ZR1 Mid-engine platform

Thursday, January 1st 2015 | Chevrolet

2016 Corvette ZR1 will be possible to appear in the market if the company has the final decision to make it happen. Based on the rumor, this car will be produced and redesigned well in order to produce more power. So, the customers have to read the following article to get a few information.

2016 Corvette ZR1

2016 Corvette ZR1 Rendering

2016 Corvette ZR1 has been a plan for the manufacturer to produce the new generation from the last models. In this case, we will not get a few information about the appearance and design inside even outside the car, because the company did not have yet the plan to redesign and change the car in order to offer to a lot of car enthusiasts in the following days. But, 2016 Corvette ZR1 will bring some information concerning the new performance for the drivers who want to drive faster on the road, because the manufacturer has chosen the optional engine of supercharged V8 model in order to make the car produce more power. Perhaps, the model of LT1 unit form the Corvette Stingray will be use by the manufacturer to complete the new performance of the 2016 Corvette ZR1.

2016 Corvette ZR1 Engine

In this point, the drivers will get the new information regarding the engine option in this car. 2016 Corvette ZR1 is going to be possible using the supercharged V8 engine which can be paired with a 6.2 litre. As a result, the manufacturer is capable to make the car have the output at least 675 horsepower. If it is possible, the drivers will be satisfied driving this car because this engine is very capable to perform faster on the road. Besides that, the drivers will not get the other specification about this engine. So, they can only get a few information about engine system in the 2016 Corvette ZR1.

2016 Corvette ZR1 Release Date and Price

If the customers want to see the new production as soon as possible, they have to understand about the company’s decision, because the company still did not reveal yet the valid announcement of publishing date of the car. We think that the company is still preparing everything before introducing the new production in the market later. We hope a lot of buyers can be patient more getting the final clarification from the company about it. In the other hand, the buyers can only collect a lot of money in order to get the 2016 Corvette ZR1.

2016 Corvette ZR1 Gallery

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