2016 Dodge Avenger SRT Release and Specs

Friday, June 5th 2015 | Dodge

Dodge has the new ambition to produce the next generation of 2016 Dodge Avenger and offer it in the market next period. In the previous years, the model of Avenger has been equipped with branded materials and features to bring high performance and better design. But now this new generation will be available with new design even specs and it will be released sometime around late 2015.

New Dodge Avenger
2016 Dodge Avenger Design

2016 Dodge Avenger brings something special through its new look. Compared to the models of mid-sedan vehicle, this new car will be better to offer. Besides, it will also be expected to remain its popular design like before. About exterior look, the manufacturer will not give more improvements on the exterior design, this car will probably undergo minor revision for coming better, it will be possible to have redesigned rear bumper for making the car come with more stylish. Although there are no more changes given, but this bodywork is predicted to look more luxurious even elegant than before. For interior look, 2016 Dodge Avenger will also come with several minor revisions. Nonetheless, the manufacturer has indicated to offer elegant and stylish design inside a cabin for better look in future. For the following design, Dodge has stated to combine between red and dark black to cover the new seats to make the interior available with sportier than its predecessor. It is no impossible to Dodge to include the new features inward 2016 Dodge Avenger.

2016 Dodge Avenger Specs

About the optional engine, 2016 Dodge Avenger has been issued to come with two engine consisted of base and powerful variants. The manufacturer has stated not make this engine system come with much different than before, this car will probably be powered with the 4-cylinder engine 2.4 litre for the base variant, it will make the car develop up to 173 hp. For the powerful variant, it will probably be incorporated with a 3.6 litre V6 engine for generating the output power at least 283 hp. For further information, you need to wait for a while about detailed engine system of 2016 Dodge Avenger.

2016 Dodge Avenger Release Date

The company insiders have given unofficial information regarding its new premiere, but some sources rumored that the car will be introduced around the end of 2015, it is better for you to wait the new generation of 2016 Dodge Avenger.

2016 Dodge Avenger Gallery

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