2016 Dodge Dakota

Thursday, December 25th 2014 | Dodge

2016 Dodge Dakota will be stylist at the exterior bodywork when the company introduces the car in the markets. As we review to its predecessor, the high-tech of the car has been revealed since 1987. But now, we will get the new appearances of the car because the manufacturer has had the new idea to make the car perform and appear better than the last production. For fully information about the specifications, we can read the following explanation below.

New 2016 Dodge Dakota

2016 Dodge Dakota Design

2016 Dodge Dakota will probably come at the market later with the new 4-door model. There will be something new around the body outside the car, the beautiful headlights and also chromium grille will be equipped by the manufacturer in order to make the appearance of the body looked well. Then, the manufacturer will renew the front and rear bumpers. And the lightweight materials will also be required to change the components around the bodywork. 2016 Dodge Dakota will have attractive features inside a cabin. We think that the manufacturer has included the new tools and other features to make the interior design looked nice. the manufacturer will feature several facilities in order to give the best design to a lot of passengers if the want to drive this model. The tools which will be offered by the manufacturer is the LCD display, CD player, AC system, safety systems and many more. As a result, these features will give the many advantages inside the 2016 Dodge Dakota.

2016 Dodge Dakota Engine

In this performance, 2016 Dodge Dakota will offer two kinds of engine systems. Firstly, the manufacturer will probably utilize the four-cylinder engine of V6 model paired with a 3.7 litre. So, this engine can produce an output approximately 230 hp. The second engine will be V8 6-cylinder engine which can also be connected with a 4.7 litre cranked out at least 260 horsepower. While the 6-speed manual transmission will be connected to this engine. And the fuel usage is going to be considered by the manufacturer as well. We hope the drivers will be happy about the new variants of the performances in the 2016 Dodge Dakota.

2016 Dodge Dakota Release Date and Price

In this case, the company will compare the price to the previous models in the days before. Based on the rumor about the new cost tag, the car enthusiasts should have a lot of money more than 23,000 Dollars, because the company will make the car more expensive than the last models. If they want to see the new model, maybe the car will be released sooner or wait until the period of 2016 to see the new 2016 Dodge Dakota.

2016 Dodge Dakota Gallery

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