2016 Fiat Punto Replacement Could be Named 500 Plus

Sunday, January 18th 2015 | Fiat

The new 2016 Fiat Punto is the new generation car which is going to be possible come well in the market. This car is the third-generation from the last productions. Rumorly, the company will make its first debut around 2016. Likely, the name of 500 Plus will probably be considered by the manufacturer to replace the Punto. While the five-door hatchback will also be decided to offer at the market later. In this performance, you will not get the official information related the engine system to use.

2016 Fiat Punto
The Interior Revealed Inside 2016 Fiat Punto

As the new model, 2016 Fiat Punto has been programmed by the manufacturer to come as soon as possible at the market in the following days. The car enthusiasts will know a little information about the design concept of this vehicle because the manufacturer will only reveal the interior design. There will be few feature which can be included in this cabin. Probably, 2016 Fiat Punto will bring the large central touch screen unit in its dashboard design. While there is no more features which will be offered by the manufacturer to the people and car enthusiasts. Taken from the newest report, it will be possible that the long and wide five-door hatchback will be offered by the manufacturer to complete the look of 2016 Fiat Punto.

2016 Fiat Punto InteriorPerformance Of 2016 Fiat Punto

For producing the expected power, the manufacturer will consider more to make the car appear better than before. In this plan, 2016 Fiat Punto will probably bring extra efficiency of fuel consumption and more power output. Rumorly, the Multijet diesel’s CO2 emision with a 1.3 litre will be used to produce below 90g/km. The automated manual transmission is being a consideration for the manufacturer to include in this vehicle. In other information, likely the 2-cylinder Twin Air engine 0.9 litre delivered around 105 hp is going to use in 2016 Fiat Punto.

2016 Fiat Punto Release Date

Some people will felt unpleasant about the unofficial announcement of release date. Because the final date of the car is still kept a secret by the company. There is nothing to do for the customers except waiting for the final clarification informed by the company in order to get more news about this car. In other rumor, this car will be available at the market sometime 2016. Even if it is necessary, you can look for another information by searching through many media to get the latest announcement of 2016 Fiat Punto.

2016 Fiat Punto Gallery

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