2016 Ford EcoSport USA Model

Monday, May 11th 2015 | Ford

The new face-lifted version will be coming soon for increasing the demands of customer, 2016 Ford EcoSport will become the new SUV which is very suitable for modern area. The manufacturer will revamp the car to be the one of popular versions in the future. On the other way, this car will be more modern and also aggressive compared with the last version. It will features new exterior, interior even also engine system and will be available around the last year of 2015.

2016 Ford EcoSport
2016 Ford EcoSport Redesign

2016 Ford EcoSport will have new design followed with several updating parts. It will be more aggressive when appearing afterwards because the manufacturer has determined to use the new short hood, headlights with angular shaped and also chromium grille. Along with this, the alloy wheels of the car will also come with 17-inch. On the other design, the automakers will modify the overall design followed with new modifications of LED lights on the front and rear designs. Next modification occurred inside a cabin, 2016 Ford EcoSport will bring upgraded interior. The manufacturer will include the best quality of upholstery leather for seats to make the passengers fell comfort when driving. On the other hand, this car will also have new design and features on the dashboard unit. For the following alterations, Ford will include the numerous infotainment systems, something new equipments and also safety features for better design inside Ford EcoSport 2016.

2016 Ford EcoSport Engine System

For the new performance, 2016 Ford EcoSport is reported strongly to have two optional engines like diesel and petrol, both engines will come with a 1.5 litre. For the petrol variant, it will produce the power more than 112 hp, this system will be mated with a 5-speed manual gearbox. About the diesel version, it will have a capability to generate the power up to 90 hp and will be transmitted with a 6-speed automatic gear transmission. This engine will have the best fuel economy. For further specs, just wait for a while about the detailed information of Ford EcoSport 2016.

2016 Ford EcoSport Release Date

Speaking about the upcoming presentation, this new car is rumored to be available on dealership either in the end of 2015 or also in early month of 2016 year. Regarding the price tag, the last versions’ price will not be much different with the new 2016 Ford EcoSport.

2016 Ford EcoSport Gallery

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