2016 Ford F 650 Medium Duty Truck

Monday, January 26th 2015 | Ford

The 2016 Ford F 650 is going to be presented by the company as the latest production in the market sooner. Besides that, the company has had the plan to make the car becomes the one of medium duty truck class. For the main rivals, this car will have the tight competition in the United States market. And the string appearance even also performance will be considered by the company in order to have a domination.

2016 Ford F 650
2016 Ford F 650 Appearance

2016 Ford F 650 still cannot reveal yet the detailed specification at the whole appearances inside even outside. So, it will make the car enthusiasts very hard to see the new changes around the body. Taken from the picture form, it seems that the manufacturer will make the car come with few minor revisions outside the bodywork. The materials like chromium grille and several equipments on the bumper design are the few minor revisions of this vehicle. So, 2016 Ford F 650 can be expected to have more materials to renew the appearance. The manufacturer did not only reveal a few refinement outside the car, but also inform the lack of modifications inside the car. There is no more changes happened in the interior design, but the manufacturer will probably make the car have classy design. In the future, the rumors said that the manufacturer will be possible offering lots of features and facilities to include inside the 2016 Ford F 650.

2016 Ford F 650 Engine Option

For the engine system in this car, there is no official performance revealed by the manufacturer, but some rumors said that the 2016 Ford F 650 will probably offer two kinds of engine system for completing the performance. For the first option, this car will carry turbo diesel V8 engine with a 6.7 litre. The result of that, this engine can produce more than 300 hp and 725 pound-feet of torque. And the following engine will be Triton gas engine of V10 unit linked with 6.8 litre. So, it can produce the power at least 362 hp and also 457 pound-feet of torque for 2016 Ford F 650.

2016 Ford F 650 Release Date and Price

There is nothing to get concerning the time for introducing this vehicle. Unofficial statement has been given by the company. In other expectation, this car will be possible appearing for the first time at the market sometime in the following year. For official date, the company is expected to reveal it sooner. On the other hand, the estimation of range around 56K Dollars has been predicted by many people for the price of 2016 Ford F 650.

2016 Ford F 650 Gallery

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