2016 Ford F250 Super Duty

Monday, February 23rd 2015 | Ford

The 2016 Ford F250 is the next generation which has been spotted previously to come with new design and several optional engine sides for the future.

New 2016 Ford F250 Super Duty
2016 Ford F250 Changes

The next 2016 Ford F250 will be available with numerous changes for better appearance. Speaking about the new complement materials, the manufacturer is going to offer the new revised bumpers, front fascia, bigger wheels even others. So, this car will be possible to come with more attractive in styling when appearing later. Talking more about the physical body, the manufacturer will make the car feature the latest technologies and for the platform, this car offers the aluminum unit to decrease totally its weight. In other way, 2016 F250 will also bring the larger air intakes for better visual appearance. Inside, the official company has considered more to redesign the cabin look and also overall impression. Along with this, this interior design can be possible to feature more attractive look by bringing the best features. What about the new equipments inside? Several notable details consisted of wood grain accents, Mesa Brown leather upholstery, high-quality equipments even more will be included in new 2016 Ford F250.

2016 Ford F250 Comes With Optional Engines

For producing the outstanding performance, 2016 Ford F250 should be powered using the best engine side to make it real. Reportedly, the manufacturer is going to bring more than one engine side for its performance, this car will use the base petrol engine with a 6.2 litre produced more than 385 hp as well as 405 pound-feet of torque. And for the other variant, the manufacturer will present the V8 diesel engine mated with a 6.7 litre which can go for about 440 hp and also 860 lb-ft. For its acceleration system, the manufacturer will offer the new eight-speed automatic transmission and the previous six-speed automatic will be the optional transmission for 2016 Ford F250.

2016 Ford F250 Release Date and Price

Rumorly, the people have expected to see the new arrival of this car as soon as possible. But, the company still gives uncertain announcement at all. Expecting the new range might be possible for the customers, the company will decide the new estimation between $35,000 and $60,000 for the new 2016 Ford F250.

2016 Ford F250 Gallery

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