2016 Ford F350 Dually

Thursday, February 19th 2015 | Ford

The 2016 Ford F350 is the new truck that comes with 4-door model. The company insiders indicated to make the car have many specifications to use.

New 2016 Ford F350 Super Duty
Ford F350 Appearance

The new 2016 Ford F350 will offer the new design before launching in the market then, the manufacturer will revamp this car to be the new outstanding version later. About the changes, this car will have similar shape around the front lights with the version of 250, but this truck comes smaller. The bumpers of this version will be strong than before. For the new dimensions, the manufacturer will make the car come with width around 227.6 inches, double tires at least 17 inches, length is 96 inches and height around 79 inches. So, 2016 F350 is really truck version which comes with the best dimensions compared with the last products as before. Inside, the manufacturer has planned to offer the best features to make the passengers feel comfort in driving. For the new equipments of features, this car will be completed using USB slot, internet stereo, screen with 4.2-inch, wireless, sound system and others. So, these features are the best facilities to offer in 2016 Ford F350.

Ford F350 Engine Options

For the new information about engine sides, 2016 Ford F350 will be powered using several engine systems. For the base version, the Flex-fuel V8 engine 16 valves with 6.2 litre produced more than 316 hp and also 397 pound-feet of torque will be chosen first. So, this car will sprint around 90 mph is just 17 seconds. About the second option, 2016 Ford F350 will have the powerful engine like V8 turbo diesel mated with a 6.7 litre. With this engine, at least 440 and 860 pound-feet of torque will be produced. For the transmission system, this car will be transmitted with a six-speed automatic gearbox. Rumorly, the other optional engine will be possible to offer in the following moments. What about the driving system? This car will have RWD and 4WD systems for giving the best performance.

2016 Ford F350 Release Date

Concerning the status of release date information, the company has given uncertain announcement at all. So, it will make the car enthusiasts so hard to predict the publishing time of this car. But they can expect too much that the company should think more about the official date of release of 2016 Ford F350.

2016 Ford F350 Gallery

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