2016 Ford Flex Concept Redesign

Tuesday, December 9th 2014 | Ford

2016 Ford Flex will be the best car for the family members, because the manufacturer has had the best idea to make them enjoy when they are driving this vehicle. That’s why, this vehicle is very suitable for the family members in the world. Besides that, this car will have the unique design and other appearances. Hopefully, the manufacturer will offer the best materials inside and outside the car.

2016 Ford Flex Concept

2016 Ford Flex Concept

2016 Ford Flex as the family car is going to undergo several changes inside and outside the car, there will be the new materials at the exterior design to use. The latest bumpers and wheels will be considered by the company to make the body looked elegant. Based on the fact, the manufacturer did not reveal yet official materials to redesign the appearances outside the car. But, 2016 Ford Flex Redesign will probably have the attractive exterior outside the body. And the brand-new grille will be offered to the drivers as well. In the other side, the headlights and taillights will probably undergo the new change in the future. Inside a cabin, this car will be possible to include at least 5 passengers, but there are no more changes revealed about the latest features in the interior inside 2016 Ford Flex.

2016 Ford Flex Engine

The manufacturer has planned the program to make the engine system different with the last productions. 2016 Ford Flex is going to use the turbocharged engine of V6 unit paired wit 3.5 litre. By using the 4-cylinder engine, this car will crank out the output at least 280 hp. For the EPA fuel usage, the drivers will make the car produce 18 mpg in the city and 25 mpg for the highway. Besides that, the manufacturer will change the fuel usage by offering the deactivation of cylinder even also automatic start function in the 2016 Ford Flex.

2016 Ford Flex Release Date and Price

For the new introduction of this production, the buyers will be possible to get some information. Based on the plan, the company will enclose the real explanation to introduce the car in the following moments. Hopefully, this car is going to go on sale around summer in the period of 2015. While the official date is still being thought by the company. For the price tag, likely the company will price the car more expensive than the current models, we wish the drivers will be happy when they get the official announcement about the 2016 Ford Flex.

2016 Ford Flex Gallery

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