2016 Ford Ranger USA

Saturday, December 27th 2014 | Ford

2016 Ford Ranger is going to exist in the next moment by having the new designs in order to make a lot of car enthusiasts feel happy driving the car. The manufacturer will offer the truck model to many people who want to collect their new car in their garages. According to the rumor, we will get several options in this engine systems. We can only expect that the manufacturer is capable to choose the best engine to make the car perform better.

2016 Ford Ranger

2016 Ford Ranger Rendering

2016 Ford Ranger is going to possible to undergo the new changes outside the body. Based on the plan, the manufacturer will revamp the car in order to appear lighter and smaller than the last production in the days before. By revamping this car, the drivers will see the best fuel efficiency produced by the car. Speaking about the towing, 2016 Ford Ranger is going to be set by the company in order to bring the smaller model than current F-150 version. In the other results, the manufacturer is going to make the tow produce have 3,000 pounds and then the capacity of payload will be offered at least 1,000 pounds. We think that the car is capable to be available in the market by having something different than the version of Ford-150. About the latest designs inside and outside the body, the customers have to stay tuned on the company’s program to know more about the 2016 Ford Ranger.

2016 Ford Ranger Performance

We have known each other that the engine option is the most important thing in this car, because it can make the drivers control the power when they are driving it on the road and many places. Based on the rumor, 2016 Ford Ranger is going to bring the latest EcoBoost V6 engine which can be connected with a 2.7 litre taken from the efficient diesels. However, the drivers and car enthusiasts are not going to be possible to know more about the output produced by this engine system. In the others report, the company would like to offer two diesel engines such as the 2.2 litre and also 3.2 litre to complete the performance in the 2016 Ford Ranger.

2016 Ford Ranger Release Date and Price

Certainly, there are no more information and clarification regarding the publishing date of the new vehicle. So, it will be a bad news for a lot of car enthusiasts who have been waiting for the car. We think they should wait for the real news updated by the company to get the final release date of the new production. For the cost tag, maybe the company is going to estimate the price at least 21,000 Dollars for the new 2016 Ford Ranger.

2016 Ford Ranger Gallery

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