2016 Ford Super Chief Concept Release Date

Sunday, May 10th 2015 | Ford

Coming better for future, 2016 Ford Super Chief will be return since being absent during a decade. The company has presented the concept of Ford Super Chief in 2006, this concept was designed based on the model of F-250 pickup truck. It will probably come with better design and other equipments. Rumorly, this car will bring the aluminum units which have been used in the version of Ford F-150. On the other hand, this new car will have two similarities of concept design before coming up on dealership afterwards. About the new specs, this car will have three optional fuels and come with SOHC V10 engine for producing awful performance.

Ford Super Chief Front
2016 Ford Super Chief Concept Design

2016 Ford Super Chief will be available with several revisions around the bodywork for better design. In the period of 2006, the manufacturer has included the aluminum parts, front fascia styling and others. This new truck version will probably have new modification which is based on the concept of Ford F-150 Atlas. For the new styling, 2016 Ford Super Chief will feature something new design, technological accomplishments, the latest systems and many more to interest many car enthusiasts especially the fans. It will also feature the Tri-Flex Fuel system for better performance. Regarding the official design, the manufacturer should consider more to include the best materials and new features for redesigning the 2016 Ford Super Chief.

2016 Ford Super Chief Engine Specs

Many speculations said that the 2016 Ford Super Chief will probably have three fuel types comprise E85 ethanol, gasoline and hydrogen. This engine system will use the same concept as before. It will be potential to install the SOHC V10 engine 30-valve paired with a 6.8 litre, this engine will pump up the power more than 550 hp as well as 400 pound-feet of torque. Along with this, the manufacturer will also make the 2016 Ford Super Chief produce at least 500 miles using three types of fuel. The top speed of the car will reach up to 180 mph. Besides that, fuel efficiency will be increased for about 12 % with the presence of hydrogen fuel.

2016 Ford Super Chief Release Date

When speaking about the official publishing year of this new version, the customers should wait for a moment to welcome it on marketplace later on. The company is expected to release sooner the new 2016 Ford Super Chief.

2016 Ford Super Chief Gallery

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