2016 GMC Savana Van Redesign Model

Sunday, May 31st 2015 | GMC

Chevrolet Motor Corp will release the new generation of van, it is the new 2016 GMC Savana. This new car will probably be available with lots of interesting changes in future. This van could be called as Chevrolet Express as well, it is the real classy big vehicle. The manufacturer will also make this car become the new multifunctional version, it is suitable for passenger car or also business car.

GMC Savana Van
2016 GMC Savana Redesign

2016 GMC Savana comes with new improvements outside the bodywork, it will have new attractive look on the front because the manufacturer has chose the new materials to equip such as refreshed grille, chromium bumpers even more. It will be available with sliding glass doors to provide more comfortable and attractive for the passengers. GMC will also be feasible to include the following materials to bring the difference on the body design. And about the interior look, 2016 GMC Savana will be available with more modern style than its predecessors. This new car will feature larger cargo and spacious space to make the travellers more enjoyable inside, it will also come with roomier interior for carrying up to fifteen passengers. This car is very suitable for passenger car even also business vehicle. On the new design, its seats will be more comfortable even better. The passengers will feel comfort when driving this luxury model. Coming for modern van vehicle, the manufacturer has been expected to fulfil the new features comprise entertainment and infotainment systems even safety features inside 2016 GMC Savana.

2016 GMC Savana Engine Specs

2016 GMC Savana offer the expected version for having wonderful performance, it will be powered with a 4.8 litre VVT diesel engine, this engine is capable to produce more than 260 hp, while its max torque will reach up to 525 pound-feet. Beside that, 2016 GMC Savana will also bring the best fuel usage in comparison to the last version as before, this engine will be configured with 4WD system for better acceleration even suspension systems, while there is no official transmission system offered up to now, it will probably be revealed sooner.

2016 GMC Savana Release Date and Price

The company has been issued to release this van at the market sometime in 2016 period, and GMC will also offer the price for base model around $25,000, while the new range of $32,000 suitable for top trim level of 2016 GMC Savana.

2016 GMC Savana Gallery

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