2016 Honda Civic – Type R ,Coupe, SI

Sunday, October 5th 2014 | Honda

2016 Honda Civic is going to be redesigned by the manufacturer to be the next production in order to be shown off in the North America or the other markets. A lot of people have known that Japanese automaker has made this model to be the one of the most famous car in the world. There are some expectation models of this car like the hybrid, hatchback even sedan. Based on the fact, the manufacturer has produced this car in some countries.

2016 Honda Civic Type R

2016 Honda Civic Redesign

2016 Honda Civic is possible to come with the sedan model to make the customers more attracted to buy. The manufacturer is going to renew this model at the body design as the new version. The futuristic appearance can be the highlight design. On the other hand, the manufacturer has provided the platform model based on the 2012 model which is going to make the car appear with the best style in order to make a lot of car enthusiasts interested to drive. 2016 Honda Civic also offered the new appearance in the interior inside a cabin as the standard selection. The manufacturer has required some features such as the backup camera, the 7-inch display of touch screen model and the connectivity of USB and Bluetooth unit to complete the facilities inside the 2016 Honda Civic.

2016 Honda Civic Engine

For the optional of engine model inside the car, the manufacturer is possible to offer several options. 2016 Honda Civic is possible to use the engine petrol 4-cylinder combined with a 1.8 litre which is able to crank out more than 140 hp. The second variation maybe the engine turbocharged model paired with a 2.4 litre. As a result, this power can generate at least 201 hp. In addition, the engine of direct injection unit of a 1.5 litre is going to be considered by the manufacturer to complete this car which has an output approximately 220 hp. In other side, the transmission of seven-speed dual-clutch unit can be possible to connect these engine options inside the car.

2016 Honda Civic Type R Side View

2016 Honda Civic Type R Rear View2016 Honda Civic Release Date and Price

Speaking about presentation of this car, there is not official information to get. Based on the opinion, 2016 Honda Civic is going to be launched for the first time by the company in the North America as soon as possible. In other side, the company also offered this vehicle to the car enthusiasts and European customers in the following moments. If we want to get more information about the car price, we have to be more patient to wait for the final announcement from the company’s agreement.

2016 Honda Civic Gallery

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