2016 Honda FCEV Concept Price and Release

Thursday, April 30th 2015 | Honda

When coming as the new version, the latest 2016 Honda FCEV is possible to offer the new design and specs in the next period. Compared to the last version, Honda has prepared to revamp the new car to be more modern and aggressive. This new car will feature the new five-seat model and spacious space to load for about 5 people. Besides that, it will come with new turbo engine for its performance.

2016 Honda FCEV
2016 Honda FCEV Concept Design

2016 Honda FCEV will not totally bring the new modification at the exterior bodywork. In the new concept, the manufacturer is rumored to make the car appear with more aerodynamic design for attracting many people to get. Another one is the car will be quite possible to bring the redesigned front end design followed with restyled headlights for making the look to be more aggressive like never before. Just stay tuned for getting more modification outward the bodywork. Regarding the new cabin, 2016 Honda FCEV will be redesigned to feature spacious space of room. It will come with five-seat version for containing at least five passengers. It deserves to come with more driving experience. Honda will also upgrade the latest FCV platform for renewing the car to be better than before. For the new look, this cabin will be feasible to be revamped beautifully for making the passengers comfort in driving. About the new features, the manufacturer potentially to offer the high quality equipments for modifying the look inside 2016 Honda FCEV.

2016 Honda FCEV Specs

Concerning the new performance, 2016 Honda FCEV will be powered with turbo 4-cylinder VTEC engine, it will be followed with the latest technology of Earth Dreams engine for having the best performance and fuel economy. In the updated rumor, this new car is going to have several hybrid variants to have awesome power. Reportedly, 2016 Honda FCEV will also incorporate the battery technology which is going to produce around 135 hp. For the new acceleration, it will sprint out from 0-60 mph within 4 seconds and have the top speed up to 300 mph. Just wait for a while for getting completed specs afterwards.

2016 Honda FCEV Release Date

In the latest announcement, the company has indicated the plan to premiere this new car on market sometime in early 2016 year. Hopefully, there will be new estimation of price tag revealed sooner about 2016 Honda FCEV.

2016 Honda FCEV Gallery

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