2016 Honda Prelude Type R Price and Specs

Tuesday, April 14th 2015 | Honda

The newest Prelude will enliven the market industry later on, the 2016 Honda Prelude comes as the next generation which is going to be available with more stylish, aggressive and potentially amazing. Along with this, this version will offer two engine options in the future. The company will be possible to launch the car in the period of 2016.

New Honda Prelude
2016 Honda Prelude Design

The 2016 Honda Prelude is going to be changed seriously to make the interior inside a cabin more attractive even elegant, this newest edition will have new style and design to attract many customers. When it is about the cabin style, the manufacturer will improve the car to be sportier even more stylish. In the other one, this car is going to be equipped with the expected technology for driving experience. Hence, 2016 Honda Prelude will be easily to set the passengers comfortable inside the car. Besides having the new interior design, the car will also be renewed strongly to have the best appearance outside the bodywork. The manufacturer is going to change massively the overall design at the exterior body even though it comes with coupe model as the base version, but this car will be sleeker and aggressive by including the headlights and taillights. For the other possibilities, some external aspects will probably be renewed outside 2016 Honda Prelude.

2016 Honda Prelude Specs

In fact, the new engine system under the Prelude has not been available for several years before. In the future time, 2016 Honda Prelude is going to have the newest engine to install. Rumorly, the manufacturer will not retain the old engine version like a 1.6 litre. Informed from an updated rumor, this car will be feasible to offer two optional engines for having the best performance, the first one is V-Tec engine paired with a 2.0 litre, and the optional one is coming as V6 engine followed with a 3.5 litre. Even though both engines are unveiled, but there are no more information regarding the output powers to know. Hopefully, the manufacturer reveals fully specs for the 2016 Honda Prelude.

2016 Honda Prelude Release Date

Still about the first premiere, the company still gave uncertain announcement at all. The rumor said that the car is going to be seen in early month of 2016 year followed with unofficial date. In another one, the company should offer the suitable price for 2016 Honda Prelude.

2016 Honda Prelude Gallery

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