2016 Infiniti Q30 Spy Shots

Wednesday, January 14th 2015 | Infiniti

The next 2016 Infiniti Q30 will be revamped by considering the concept of infiniti Q30, the company has introduced this concept at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 2013. Based on the plan, this appearance will be looked more elegant and futuristic. Then, this car is going to be programmed to appear at the market in the period of 2015.

2016 Infiniti Q30
2016 Infiniti Q30 will have Few Appearance

2016 Infiniti Q30 will not bring a lot of changes inside and outside the body. But, the manufacturer is going to include several materials and features to make the car wonderful. The MFA platform of Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class and CLA-Class will be used in this car as the new underpinning design. So, this car will be strong by using this platform even though this body has made from the lightweight materials. So, the fuel economy will be easy to control in this car. In other design, 2016 Infiniti Q30 will also have several materials to use such as futuristic headlight and large grille. Probably, this car will be similar with other versions. Besides that, this car also come with aerodynamic and big wheels fluid body even beautiful high wheel models. Next to the design inside a cabin, the manufacturer will make the car come with modest and also sophisticated interior. About the features, this cabin will be equipped using the high-quality materials and fabulous gadgets and perks to make the cabin appear well for the future. As a result, the passengers will probably be interested about few design around 2016 Infiniti Q30.

2016 Infiniti Q30 Performance

In the next moment, 2016 Infiniti Q30 is not impossible to bring some engine variants. In the United States market, this car will use the engine 4-cylinder linked with a two litre which has been installed in the model of Mercedes-Benz CLA250. As a result, this car is able to pump up the output approximately 208 hp and also 258 pound-feet of torque. While there is no possibility about pairing the new transmission and other specifications. Likely, the manufacturer is going to bring the plug-in hybrid and diesel engine for getting the best performance in 2016 Infiniti Q30.

2016 Infiniti Q30 Release Date

The unofficial information has been informed by the company. Some rumors said that this car will probably appear at the market sometime in 2015 even also in the starting month of 2016. For the car enthusiasts who want to buy this car, they should look for the other precise information to get the price estimation regarding the new model of 2016 Infiniti Q30.

2016 Infiniti Q30 Gallery

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