2016 Jaguar XJ Coupe Redesign and Release Date

Monday, November 3rd 2014 | Jaguar

2016 Jaguar XJ will probably come in the several markets later with the new design. Based on the fact, the company has scheduled the time for presenting this car to offer some buyers in the world. Maybe, this car will be available in the following year. When we talk about the other changes and features, we can only expect that the manufacturer is capable giving the best appearances and more elegant style than the previous productions in the days before.

New Jaguar XJ

2016 Jaguar XJ Redesign

2016 Jaguar XJ is going to establish the new design inside and outside the body. In the following program, the manufacturer will probably require a few materials such as the lightweights, aluminum and much more in order to make the car appear with an aggressive style. Besides that, 2016 Jaguar XJ has been called as the F-type. So, the car enthusiasts will get the new information about it. There were some speculation and expectations that the manufacturer should modify this car to be more luxurious and sensational in order to be able beating its rivals like the model of Mercedes S-Class Coupe and Bentley Continental GT. On the one hand, the manufacturer does not enclose yet the leaked features in the interior design. So, the people should wait until the company explain more about the new look inside 2016 Jaguar XJ.

2016 Jaguar XJ Engine

What kind of engine option which is going to be used by the manufacturer inside the car? There are some rumors say that the manufacturer will use the new engine options. 2016 Jaguar XJ is not going to be impossible installing the supercharged engine of V6 unit or V8 model. But, there are no more power explained in this time. But, we can hope that the manufacturer will consider pairing the 6-cylinder unit in order to be able offering the best power to a lot of people and customers who want to drive the 2016 Jaguar XJ.

Jaguar XJ Side Angle2016 Jaguar XJ Release Date and Price

There is longer clarification due to the official release date of this model, maybe the company is still going to prepare more before launching to the market. Based on the reports, we are able to see this production around 2016. It will be a long time to wait. But, the customers have a chance to save their money to buy it. It seems that the company will estimate the price at least £ 100K for 2016 Jaguar XJ.

2016 Jaguar XJ Gallery

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