2016 Lincoln Coupe

Thursday, November 20th 2014 | Lincoln

2016 Lincoln Coupe will probably bring the new appearances than the last productions which have had the two-door styles. Besides that, the current models have gotten the first launching in 1992. And now, the manufacturer is going to revamp this model to be better than the previous models in the days before. The new RWD system has been considered by the manufacturer in order to be able competing its rivals like BMW M4 and 2015 Ford Mustang. Let’s see the new concept on the following information below.

2016 Lincoln Coupe Headlight

2016 Lincoln Coupe Concept

2016 Lincoln Coupe has been decided by the manufacturer to make it appear in the market or the other Motor Shows. There will be several concepts offered by the manufacturer before getting the premiere at the closed market. First of all, the customers will probably get the new appearance in the following days. In the other side, the people have expected the change at the platform design. 2016 Lincoln Coupe is going to be available sooner at the Los Angeles Auto Show in the following moments, we can predict that the manufacturer will design this model to be a beautiful style to offer a lot of customers in the world. at the exterior outside the body, we will see the new materials provided by the manufacturer such as the Lincoln headlamps and the butterfly grille even the MKZ taillights to make the car enthusiasts enjoy the improvements outside the 2016 Lincoln Coupe.

2016 Lincoln Coupe Engine

When we talk about the engine system in this car, we will get the new specification offered by the manufacturer to produce the best performance on the road even highway. Based on the rumors, 2016 Lincoln Coupe is going to be possible connecting the Ecoboost which can be paired with a 3.5 litre generated more than 400 hp. Besides that, the engine is capable to run up to 155 mph and also producing 0-60 mpg in just 5 seconds. For further specification of this performance, we should stay tuned on the company’s plan regarding the valid engine system for 2016 Lincoln Coupe.

2016 Lincoln Coupe Release Date and Price

At this time, we will see the report of price tag offered by the company for this model. If the customers want to buy this model, they have to expend the money at least 45,000 Dollars. So, it can be a good information for a lot of people in the world even in the car societies who have expected to see and collect this production. On the other side, the company did not reveal the valid announcement about the first presentation of 2016 Lincoln Coupe.

2016 Lincoln Coupe Gallery

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