2016 Maserati Alfieri Concept Price

Sunday, October 26th 2014 | Maserati

2016 Maserati Alfieri is going to give some explanations concerning the new specification inside and outside the car. In this change, the manufacturer has found the best concept to make this car appear with the powerful engine and also the best appearances. Besides that, the manufacturer is possible to make it to be more elegant and luxurious style in order to be able attracting a lot of people who want to see this model in 2014 Geneva Motor Show.

2016 Maserati Alfieri Concept

2016 Maserati Alfieri Changes

2016 Maserati Alfieri has been a consideration for the manufacturer to be available with the best design and performance. To make it happen, the manufacturer should require the latest materials, features and engine options. There will be some changes suffered in this car. In this case, 2016 Maserati Alfieri will have the new 24 cm platform, it can be smaller than before. Not only that, the manufacturer has also determined the size of engine display in the dashboard look. We will know well about it because the manufacturer measured the engine display with the size at least 4,590 mm, around 1,930 mm, approximately 1,280 mm and also 2,700 mm. In addition, the 2 +2 car edition will be considered by the manufacturer to use in the 2016 Maserati Alfieri.

2016 Maserati Alfieri Engine

The people have trusted that the manufacturer will always have and offer the new engine options to produce the best output inside the car. At this moment, 2016 Maserati Alfieri has been decided by the manufacturer to use the engine V8 a 4.7 litre with three optional powers. By using this engine, the manufacturer will make the car produce at least 410 hp which can be worked with rear-drive system, around 450 hp mated with the system of AWD unit and also approximately 520 hp with AWD system. It seems that 2016 Maserati Alfieri will use the same engine model which has been installed in the last production.

2016 Maserati Alfieri Release Date and Price

How do the people know more about the release date and price of this production? The answer is they should stay tuned on the company’s decision in order to get more information about the model of Alfieri. There is not the detailed explanation from the company about it. In the other side, we can hope that the model is able to be seen in the middle of 2015 with the price at least £70K or the customers can do their daily activities while waiting for the final announcement from the company regarding the 2016 Maserati Alfieri.

2016 Maserati Alfieri Gallery

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