2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Sunday, December 14th 2014 | Mitsubishi

2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse can be expected to come early in the market as a coupe car model. As we know, the last models have been offered at the market and beat the competitors. Maybe, this car will appear better than before.

2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse

2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse new features

2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse will probably bring the LED in front to make the car stylish. The manufacturer will also modify several components around the bodywork. The air intake will be changed to be bigger and then the manufacturer will renew the rear by considering to modify the oval exhaust pipes. Besides that, the people will see the attractive appearances because the manufacturer will bring the five aluminum alloy rods. So, 2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse is capable to appear better than before. Inside a cabin, the leather will be included to change the steering wheel. The manufacturer will also feature the upholstery seats and new dashboard. In addition, the high-tech materials and components can be included to modify the design inside the 2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse.

2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse two optional engines

In the future, many drivers are going to get updated information about engine system to complete the car. Based on the plan, 2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse is going to be possible to use SOHC MIVEC engine with 2.4 litre and four-cylinder. As a result, this car is capable to derive at least 162 hp. Besides that, the manufacturer will also offer the second engine option, it will be 3.8 litre engine which can be possible to generate around 265 horsepower. In addition, this car will be possible to accelerate started form 0 up to 60 mph in just 6 seconds. While the real transmission will be considered to connect with 2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse.

The best rivals of 2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse

The manufacturer has considered more to make the car beat its rivals in the future, the new 2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse will probably have the best rivals like the models of Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz even Ford Mustang.

Will the 2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse be released early?

Even though there is no exact information about the price tag, the customers need not to be disappointed about it because the company will probably reveal the new car in the following days. You will know that a lot of car enthusiasts are able to see this production presented in the U.S. Market. In 2015, maybe they will see the 2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse.

2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse Gallery

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