2016 Nissan Silvia Concept Rumors

Sunday, January 25th 2015 | Nissan

2016 Nissan Silvia will come soon at the market as the new model in order to get more fans. In company’s program, this car will probably come with 5-door model to attract many people. If it comes true, it will deserve to wait in the next moment.

2016 Nissan Silvia Concept
2016 Nissan Silvia Design

2016 Nissan Silvia is expected to bring some refinements outside the bodywork. To make the appearance change, the manufacturer will probably bring quality materials for its exterior. Besides that, this car will be redesigned to be more aggressive even awesome. For beating its rivals in the future, the manufacturer will consider more to make the car appear elegant. Even though there is no more clarification about materials for exterior, 2016 Nissan Silvia will have several features and facilities inside a cabin. For the first feature, this car will be revamped in order to contain at least 5 passengers. Then, the manufacturer will probably offer the spacious cabin for comfortable passengers. For its items, this car will include standard features like navigation system, Bluetooth connectivity even more. In other way, the manufacturer will be possible to make the look in the interior luxury by bringing several materials. And there is a big expectation come in order the manufacturer can reveal sooner about fully refinements around 2016 Nissan Silvia.

2016 Nissan Silvia Specs

About the engine option, 2016 Nissan Silvia will probably offer the two litre engine based on the model of S16. So, the manufacturer will make the car have diminutive motor for its performance. In other hand, the turbo 4-cylinder engine with a 1.6 litre coded MR16DDT from Juke is going to be included by the manufacturer to complete the performance for this car. As a result, 2016 Nissan Silvia will probably generate the output about 200 hp and also 217 pound-feet of torque. If you are not satisfied about this decision, the manufacturer is going to offer the 2.0 litre worked in RWD system in the future.

2016 Nissan Silvia Release Date and Price

The car enthusiasts can only predict when the car can come at the market, because there is no official statement from company about the status of release date. in other rumor, this car will probably be available around 2015 even 2016. Besides that, this car will probably be priced at least 19,999 Dollars. For further information, just wait for the final announcement from the company related the new arrival of 2016 Nissan Silvia.

2016 Nissan Silvia Gallery

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