2016 Scion TC

Monday, November 10th 2014 | Scion

2016 Scion TC has been known well by some people in the world that the manufacturer would like to renew this model as the sport coupe car to be more elegant. The manufacturer will prepare everything to make it happen and also appear in the next year. It seems that the car is going to be available at the market in 2016. At this point, the manufacturer will also offer some quality features and materials in order to be able making this car come with the best appearance than the previous models in the days before.

2016 Scion TC

2016 Scion TC Redesign

2016 Scion TC as the new production is going to be presented by the company in the market sooner by bringing some changes inside even outside the body. There are several expectations that the manufacturer is possible to make this car to be aggressive even also comfortable. We will get the new features and appearances now, because the manufacturer has required some materials and to use. 2016 Scion TC Concept could offer the new features such as touch screen display, infotainment system, audio player, Bluetooth connectivity, and radio even the safety systems to the car enthusiasts who have liked the model of coupe car. So, the passengers can enjoy the new facilities inside a cabin. Outside the body, there will be some materials offered by the manufacturer. For example, the latest models of headlights, taillights, grille, front fascia, etc. By using these materials, the people will see the new appearances outside 2016 Scion TC.

2016 Scion TC Engine

What kind of engine system which will be used by the manufacturer inside this car? In this case, 2016 Scion TC has been considered more to use the engine 4-cylinder which can be paired with a 2.5 litre. So, this engine is capable to crank out more than 179 hp and also whop the torque around 173 pound-feet. As we know, this engine system is similar with the 2015 version. Besides that, the manufacturer will also connect the latest six-speed automatic transmission to complete the performance of 2016 Scion TC.

2016 Scion TC Rear Angle2016 Scion TC Release Date and Price

If the car enthusiasts want to see this production sooner, we wish the company can give the valid announcement regarding the new presentation of the car. Based on the reports, the company would like to decide the release year. So, the customers will be able seeing this car around the second half of 2016. But, this information is just a rumour. For detailed clarification about this model, the buyers should wait the final announcement from the company to know more about the presentation and cost tag of 2016 Scion TC.

2016 Scion TC Gallery

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