2016 Silverado 1500 Diesel Changes Release Date

Monday, April 27th 2015 | Chevrolet

For a lot of car enthusiasts who are looking for new truck version, 2016 Silverado 1500 will become the new product of Chevrolet. In fact, lots of people have known well that Chevrolet is the one of famous production ever. The company made Silverado to be distinguished one as the latest truck model in the days before. For the new plan, this new version is possible to have main rivals to win in competition. Regarding the new specs, it will probably bring two engine variants. Besides, it will also have refreshed design before coming up on showroom towards in 2015 period.

2016 Silverado 1500
2016 Silverado 1500 Design Rumors

The new 2016 Silverado 1500 becomes the one of truck version which is possible winning in competition. Rumorly, the manufacturer will set this car to face its new competitors especially for North America. For its design, no massive changes occurred for its bodywork but rumored strongly the manufacturer will be possible to renew the front side of body, it will have new revised bumper and also restyled grille for better design but no more materials given about redesigning several parts of bodywork. On the other side, 2016 Silverado 1500 will have different interior look. Reportedly, the manufacturer has indicated to remain the spacious space and also stylish design for its cabin base on the previous model. For the new possibilities, this car is going to have minor changes including new features and also high technologies to redesign the interior inward 2016 Silverado 1500.

2016 Silverado 1500 Specs

Pairing new edition of engine option will make the car attract many customers. Reportedly, 2016 Silverado 1500 is still unknown about the engine option to use. The manufacturer has been rumored to offer two optional engine systems for its performance. The first one is V8 petrol engine paired with a 6.0 litre, while the second version will be Duramax diesel engine which is combined with a 6.6 litre. No more detailed powers revealed at this time. Hopefully the manufacturer brings the fully specs for 2016 Silverado 1500.

2016 Silverado 1500 Release Date and Price

There are several rumors about its first debut, this new car is expected firstly to come on market sometime in the middle of 2015 year. Besides that, this car will probably have a higher range compared with the last version, the company will offer approximately $50,000 for the new 2016 Silverado 1500.

2016 Silverado 1500 Gallery

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