2016 Toyota Matrix

Friday, January 23rd 2015 | Toyota

2016 Toyota Matrix is the third generation which will be the one of famous models in the world. Besides that, this car will bring the five-door hatchback version to make the car enthusiasts forget the old version. Rumorly, this car will use the genuine engine for producing the best output of power. Other than that, this car will be redesigned using will probably have some changes around the body.

Toyota Matrix
2016 Toyota Matrix New Design

2016 Toyota Matrix is the five-door hatchback version will come with significant changes at the exterior outside body. The manufacturer will make the car stylish by including the LED headlights and taillights. Besides that, this car will come with bigger wheels. By having these materials, this car is going to be possible attracting many people to drive even buy. Just stay tuned on progress to get more materials for exterior design. And about the design inside a cabin, 2016 Toyota Matrix will have many quality materials to use. Speaking about the hi-tech feature, the manufacturer will bring the latest infotainment system to offer the higher trim levels. Regarding the other features, this cabin will include several equipments like USB interface, premium audio system, satellite radio, etc. In addition, the seats with leather unit will also be considered to give a stylish appearance inside 2016 Toyota Matrix.

2016 Toyota Matrix Performance

For its performance, the 2016 Toyota Matrix is going to combine the standard engine then offering about two engine systems. For the first version, the manufacturer will include the genuine engine 4-cylinder with a 1.8 litre. This car will produce around 132 hp, while the output of torque of this engine will be 128 pound-feet. And the following option probably be higher, the 2.4 litre engine with 158 hp and also 168 pound-feet of torque will be offered as the second variant. In addition, the 5-speed automatic gearbox will come as the following power for 2016 Toyota Matrix.

2016 Toyota Matrix Release Date and Price

The fully information about release date of this model still does not be declared by the official company. So, the car enthusiasts will be hard to know when this car will get its first premiere at the market. However, the range price of this car will be offered between 16K Dollars until 21K Dollars. So, the customers should be patient more to get more news about the new 2016 Toyota Matrix.

2016 Toyota Matrix Gallery

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