2016 Toyota Supra Price, Concept and Release Date

Saturday, November 15th 2014 | Toyota

2016 Toyota Supra as the sport car model will be the best plan and new invention from the company to make it appear in the market sooner in order to offer some buyers who want to have this model. We hope that the manufacturer should make this production come with the best and sensational designs. The models of Nissan 350Z Roadster and Chevrolet Corvette Stingray are its rivals.

2016 Toyota Supra

2016 Toyota Supra Concept

2016 Toyota Supra is the new invention from the company which is going to appear in the market. Maybe the manufacturer will plan and produce this model to offer some people in the world about the new concept. Pairing the LED headlights can be the first program to give more appearances at the exterior body. 2016 Toyota Supra probably comes with the optional colors such as the stunning royal blue even red. In these changes, we can see that the manufacturer is possible to renew this model taken from the FT-1 concept car. In the interior design, the seat covers made in leather and the other features such as steering wheel system and the audio system are going to be included by the manufacturer in the dashboard inside 2016 Toyota Supra.

2016 Toyota Supra Specs

There are some sources have reported that the manufacturer is possible to make this production to be the new generation of the engine option inside the car. According to the proofs, the twin-turbocharged engine V6 model which is able to be paired with a 3.5 litre will be used by the manufacturer to complete the performance of this vehicle. By using this engine option, the power of this car can work at least 450 hp. It can be fast to drive on the road, because the manufacturer also provided the AWD system and the seven-speed transmission inside the 2016 Toyota Supra

2016 Toyota Supra Rear View2016 Toyota Supra Release Date and Price

Asking for the release date of this production is most important thing for a lot of car enthusiasts in the world, as we know each other that there are so many people who are very keen on the new updated models to show off in their environments. But, the company did not enclose yet the valid announcement related the publishing car. In other side, the company is going to offer the cost tag of this car at least 44,000 Dollars. So, it can be important information for the customers who want to buy the unit of 2016 Toyota Supra

2016 Toyota Supra Gallery

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