2017 Armada Diesel

Tuesday, October 6th 2015 | Nissan

There will be another generation presented by Nissan to complete the Armada series. This popular car will go with the latest design called 2017 Armada. Because the future market will be very important for its carrier, there will be many important improvements to offer. The changes will be concerned on its bodywork to offer better look and to support its performance. The car has much better visual design because the unique and the different styling added in 2017 Armada. One thing for sure is that Nissan might offer enhanced powertrain and transmission. Minor revision will be added for its cabin.

New 2017 Armada Diesel
2017 Armada features


Exterior and Interior

If you have a big curiosity about what Nissan might do for its outer part, 2017 Armada is predicted to have many improvements. First of all, the front grille will be redesigned to go with masculine look. This surprising improvement works as the main highlight from the company. In addition, the symbol of Nissan is added to the front grille for a very unique and more different look. The car looks much better than the predecessor because the design is more compact. It is built with the larger dimension that gives big impact for its cabin.


As we have mentioned already that the car has bigger dimension than the predecessor that consequently give more impact for its cabin space. It has more spacious cabin to give more space for the passengers. The inner part of 2017 Armada is also designed with several great features. The slight changes make the car more comfortable with the support of Bluetooth connectivity and smartphone integration so that the cabin has more advanced technology than before. Other modern gadgets are added too because the current demand and trend.

2017 Armada Engine

Speaking about Nissan Armada, it is not something too much if we have a big expectation that the car has higher output and torque power. It sounds interesting when we found leaked information under the hood. 2017 Armada might hide V8 engine and 5.6 liter with the capability to produce the amount of output about 380 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque.

2017 Armada Release Date and Price

Based on the reports from some unofficial sites, it is very promising for Nissan to release the car somewhere in 2017. We predict that it might be in the beginning of that year with the price tag that should not be more than $35,000 for the base.

2017 Armada Diesel Gallery

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