2017 Audi Q5 SUV Specs and Release Date

Saturday, May 23rd 2015 | Audi

For the people who have expected to see the new car, the official manufacturer will bring the new version of Audi, it is the next generation of 2017 Audi Q5. This car will be available with new style and appearance inside and outside. It will undergo several changes for better look. Besides that, the manufacturer will also bring the new features even materials to make the car look more luxurious even attractive. For engine system, it will bring two engines for better performance, while its first debut will be occurred sometime in the end of 2016.

Audi Q5 Front Angle
2017 Audi Q5 Changes

2017 Audi Q5 will come with new style and design in the next period of year. The overall performance and specifications within this car will be improved to have the best appearance to amaze the buyers. The manufacturer will focus the plan to offer new design followed with the new features, this car will have more aerodynamic when coming up. Compared to the last version, it will be slimmer and sleeker. Hence the car will be more attractive. Besides that, the manufacturer will also offer several color variants, while the new materials are expected to modify the design outside for making the car look more aggressive. Inside, 2017 Audi Q5 will bring the new upholstery leather for redesigning the cabin to be more comfortable. This material will also be useful for improving the seats. About the new features, this car will include some best features comprise navigation system, heads-up display even safety features. Regarding the detailed features, the official is expected to reveal the fully information about 2017 Audi Q5.

2017 Audi Q5 Specs

Speaking more about the new engine system, 2017 Audi Q5 will be programmed to have two optional engines which the first version will be turbocompresseur engine followed with a 2.0 litre, and the second variant will be TDI engine paired with a 3.0 litre. The second engine comes with diesel variant for better performance. In this case, there are no more powers and other specs revealed, the manufacturer should announce the detailed specs sooner about the engine system in 2017 Audi Q5.

2017 Audi Q5 Release Date and Price

For premiering information, this car likely will go on sale in market industry around the late 2016. In other side, the company is rumored to offer the price tag at least $40,000 for 2017 Audi Q5.

2017 Audi Q5 Gallery

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