2017 BMW M7760Li xDrive Specs, Performance

Sunday, April 17th 2016 | BMW

Right after releasing the BMW 760Li Altesse, the company has just been ready to introduce the magnificent sedan of M7760Li 2017 model. The future large sedan will be supplemented with a more powerful engine and some advancements on its styling. Upgrading the exterior, there will be some chrome touches highlighted and also few beautifications to the interior. However, the 2017 BMW M7760Li will be stunning on its own and be ready to carry more horse power.

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2017 BMW M7760Li Exterior and Interior

Exterior has been nearly a major focus of the automaker to offer. Applying the M7760Li xDrive platform and highlighting Cerium Grey variations could make the sedan look more impressive than before. Seeing to the front part, we will notice the upgraded front fascia enhanced with larger vents system on the bumper. Moreover, the sedan doors are also refreshed with new mirror caps and door handle. The exclusive dual-spoke “760M” alloy wheels inside Cerium Grey will also be available. Talking about the interior, first to see is the two rear seats jobs upholstered with high-end leather and comfy material. Some modern features such as iDrive Handle and new M-branded controls might be found in the middle part of the sedan. Additionally, the 2017 BMW M7760Li will improve its pedals made from stainless and rubber attachments.

2017 BMW M7760Li Engine

Under the hood, the new 2017 BMW M7760Li will be injected with a 6.6-liter dual-turbo V12 engine capable to produce the output of 600 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque. The M7760Li sedan could accelerate at around 155 miles per hour in any 0 to 62 mph of 3.92 seconds. The auto engineer is quite optimistic that the new boosted performance will bring the car as being a serious competitor along the sedan segment.

2017 BMW M7760Li Release Date and Price

Currently, we could not find the precise information stating the date of the sedan release and price. At first plan, the 2017 BMW M7760Li will hit the market sale by early 2017. Talking about the price, the ongoing appraisal will start at around $150,000.

2017 BMW M7760Li Gallery

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