2017 Chevy Chevelle SS Concept

Saturday, October 10th 2015 | Chevrolet

2017 Chevy Chevelle is predicted will be on market again after the rumours that the company won’t produce this type again. It is so surprising that the production of this car will be start soon as this car is predicted will be on market on 2016 or 2017. This car has its popularity since it is used in the one of famous movie, Fast and Furious. Even though, the information about the changes in the interior and exterior is not announced clearly yet but the changes the engine used is the major improvement for this redesigned car.

2017 Chevy Chevelle SS
2017 Chevy Chevelle Specs

The under hood of this car is predicted will be the main point of changes. There are two engine options that will be offered by this company. First is the 2.0L with Inline-4 turbo Drive engine which can produce 294 horsepower. Second engine is the 3.3L with V6 engine which can produce better amount of power which is still uninformed clearly yet. The engine used in this 2017 Chevy Chevelle is totally different with the previous type of Chevrolet Chevelle. This engine is expected become the main reason that this car will hit the market by its engine performance.

The other changes are in the design of interior and exterior of 2017 Chevy Chevelle. In general, the design exterior of this car looks sportier but still elegant. The platform used by this car is new one. It is the Camaro platform which gives this car the main changes especially in the cabin of this car. While, for the interior of this car, there will be some improvements such as the newest technology used. However, there is still plenty information about the changes applied for the exterior and interior of this car which is announced officially by the company.

2017 Chevy Chevelle Release Date and Price

Right now, this car is still in the production process so the company also hasn’t announced yet about the release date for this car. However, some information predicts that this car will be available on market in the 2016 or 2017. For the price for this 2017 Chevy Chevelle is predicted will be started from $30.000 as this car has the big chance to be more expensive because of its luxurious and elegant improvements. this car is predicted will be the 2017 model year which compete with other sporty car for 2017 year model too.

2017 Chevy Chevelle Gallery

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