2017 Dodge Dakota Diesel

Sunday, October 4th 2015 | Dodge

New model of Dodge is 2017 Dodge Dakota which is the third generation of Dodge car. However, because of its low demand of its previous model, the company decided to stop for further production. The good news is Dodge starts to launch its new vehicle with the new model. This new model of Dakota is planned to be the 2017 model. The market targeted by the company is the market for mid-sized pickup truck.

2017 Dodge Dakota
2017 Dodge Dakota Design

Exterior and Interior

The exterior of this car will have the unibody platform. The model of this car will almost be the same as Ridgeline model produces by Honda. The design of this car will be slightly longer and quite heavier than the previous model. The front parts of this car which are grille and the headlights will be redesigned to make it more aerodynamics. In addition, 2017 Dodge Dakota also concerns on the safety and stability of passengers so the exterior of this car is also designed to improve the safety and stability.

The interior of 2017 Dodge Dakota will have some changes such as in the use of modern technology. The truck cabin will be more spacious and comfortable. The material used for the cabin is the high-quality materials which make the passengers feel more comfortable. The technology used is in the infotainment and entertainment systems such as audio-player with the high quality sound system, the cruise control, multi functional steering-wheel, navigation, safety systems, and others.

2017 Dodge Dakota Engine

The hood under this car will be the3.7-liters V6 power as the base engines. For the others engine is the 4.7-liters V8. The base engine can produce up to 210 hp. The engine will be matched with the automatic five-speed transmission or a manual six-speed transmission. However, 2017 Dodge Dakota is still under constructed for the improvement of the engine because the company wants to make this car become more efficient truck. The mileage of this car will be around 30 mpg. Petrol and diesel variants will be available in this engine.

2017 Dodge Dakota Price and Release Date

The release date of this car will be on the last quarter of 2016 as this car will be the 2017 year model. The price of this 2017 Dodge Dakota will be around $25.000 for the basic model, while for the top equipped model will cost twice.

2017 Dodge Dakota Gallery

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