2017 Ford EcoSport Specs and Changes

Tuesday, May 26th 2015 | Ford

In the next period the new mini SUV model will be available sooner, 2017 Ford EcoSport has been planned to come in the United States market for the first time, while in other markets afterwards. This car will also come as the new small crossover version, the manufacturer will change the design outside the bodywork for offering the best look. Besides that, this engine system will probably have powerful power compared with the last production. Reportedly, this new version will be coming up around 2016.

Ford EcoSport Concept
2017 Ford EcoSport New Design

2017 Ford EcoSport will be available with new design in future, this car will be possible to use the Fiesta platform for redesigning the overall body. The manufacturer has been issued to make the weight of car available lighter compared to the last version. It will also be possible to use the lightweight aluminum unit even other materials. About the following design, this exterior design will be based on the latest 2015 Ford Edge, but it will be more beautiful to attract the people. Around the body, 2017 Ford EcoSport will probably bring several materials to use, the manufacturer has indicated to offer the 3 bar grill followed with hexagonal shape, and it will be available with attractive color in its body structure. Besides that, Ford will also shed overall physique in the body lines. This car will be more dynamic even also sleeker. And about the new equipments, the manufacturer should bring the high-quality materials and features for redesigning the 2017 Ford EcoSport.

2017 Ford EcoSport Specs

In previous version, the manufacturer has installed the 3-cylinder EcoBoost engine with 1.0 litre and also 1.5 litre. In the United States market, 2017 Ford EcoSport will use the powerful performance than before. It will be incorporated with four-cylinder engine paired with a 2.0 litre, this engine will boost the power up to 245 litre and have a maximum torque at least 270 lb-ft. In the U.S. Market, 2017 Ford EcoSport will use the nine-speed automatic transmission. For the other markets, it will offer a six-speed automatic transmission. This car will be configured with FWD system, while the AWD comes for optional system.

2017 Ford EcoSport Release Date

Until now the company still discloses the final announcement, but this mini SUV version is rumored to be released on dealership around 2016 period. Hopefully there will be official declaration announced about the 2017 Ford EcoSport.

2017 Ford EcoSport Gallery

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