2017 Ford Gran Torino GT

Sunday, February 21st 2016 | Ford

2017 Ford Torino will come again to cherish the market of the high-end class market soon. The uniqueness of this car is believed can make this car hit the market. The company has made some improvements to make this car become more attractive. Moreover, this car is also prepared to be the best competitor for the Dodge car with its improvements in some parts of the car.

Ford Torino Front Angle
2017 Ford Torino Exterior and Interior

The appearance of this 2017 Ford Torino will not have many changes. It is because the company wants to maintain the old design which is classic design that becomes the identity of this car. The changes will be on some parts of this car. The weight of this car becomes lighter because this car is made from aluminium. The rear will be higher than the previous type. For the headlights will be supported with the LED technology that will make the lighting becomes more efficient and powerful. Next is the interior design of this car. Inside of this car which is the cabin will be more spacious. The seats are covered with the high quality leather along with other additional accessories. The safety features will also be the standard quality. Then, there is other features which are the USB port, Bluetooth connection, LCD with the touch screen system, and the GPS.

2017 Ford Torino Engine Performance

The engine powered to this car is the same with the Mustang GT’s engine. The engine is he V8 along with 5-liter engine capacity that can provide power from 400 horsepower to 435 horsepower. The speed of this car can reach to 170 mph. There is another engine which is the 3,7-liter engine capacity with the power 300 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque. However, the second engine is still in prediction. In the first engine, the pickup time will reach about 60 miles per hour in less than 6 seconds. The fuel consumption can be a little bit higher because of the lighter weight of this car that make this 2017 Ford Torino can go faster. Overall, the engine used in this car will give a very good engine performance.

2017 Ford Torino Release Date and Price

The release date of this car is expected will be available in the market around the second quarter of 2016. And, the price of this 2017 Ford Torino will start around $45,000.

2017 Ford Torino GT Gallery

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