2017 Ford GT40 Price and Specs

Sunday, June 28th 2015 | Ford

The new generation from Ford will be released to bombshell at the Detroit Auto Show in 2015 as the first debut. 2017 Ford GT40 is very proper to present in the global market. The manufacturer has prepared everything to make the speed of this car come faster and more powerful, it will use the carbon fiber construction to generate the power up to 600 hp. Besides, this new car will also come with new active aerodynamics for better appearance. The manufacturer will also renew this car by offering several features and new design to provide more comfortable, and it is ready to beat its upcoming rival like Lamborghini Aventador.

New 2017 Ford GT40
2017 Ford GT40 Design

2017 Ford GT40 is the newest production from Ford which is very suitable for the speed hunter and the people who are looking for an elegant design. This car will be constructed with carbon fiber while its body panels come for renewing the style. In other hand, it will also come with active aerodynamics. The manufacturer will include the 20-inch wheels and also hauling carbon-ceramic brakes. In other design, Ford will retain the current GT40 about the wide front end design. It will be modified to be more modern as the supercar version. Inside, 2017 Ford GT40 will include several equipments to enjoy many people when driving the car. This car could feature the best two-seat passenger to give more comfortable in sitting. The manufacturer will offer some features comprise touch screen display, button of transmission selector, starter button, new steering wheel, elegant HVAC vents and much more to redesign the 2017 Ford GT40.

2017 Ford GT40 Specs

For completing the new performance on the road, 2017 Ford GT40 must be powered with the great engine system. The manufacturer has revealed the new power come from the latest 3.5 litre twin-turbocharged EcoBosst V6 engine. This engine is going to promise a great performance because it is constructed using carbon fiber, it will reach the power at least 600 hp. About the torque result, this car could produce more than 500 pound-feet. This car is mated to the 7-speed auto transmission and configured on the rear wheel drive system, this system is very nice to install in 2017 Ford GT40.

2017 Ford GT40 Release Date and Price

The company insiders still kept silent to unveil this new version on market, but the rumors claimed that around $ 400,000 will be the new estimated range for 2017 Ford GT40.

2017 Ford GT40 Gallery

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