2017 Grand Cherokee SRT Redesign

Thursday, May 14th 2015 | Jeep

The new Jeep class vehicle will be developed as the future version. The 2017 Grand Cherokee becomes the one new production which will offer the new style and several improvements next year. This car will be redesigned well and also offering several engine variants for having the new driving experience, while the official announcement will be revealed afterwards.

Grand Cherokee SRT
2017 Grand Cherokee Redesign

The new generation of 2017 Grand Cherokee will be available with numerous features in the interior look, the manufacturer will include several equipments such as navigation system, the best features even also safety systems for making the passengers safely and more comfortable in driving. These features are very suitable to include in this car. Regarding the new styling, the official manufacturer declared to modify the body to become larger in comparison to the last version, it will be available with spacious space and more comfortable to set the passengers enjoy. And for the new possibility, 2017 Grand Cherokee will probably bring more stylish to attract many customers. Next to the exterior body, the manufacturer will redesign the bodywork to come with different design, this exterior will probably be coming back featuring the different style and sleeker when it is compared to the last version. Besides that, the edges of this car will be more stylish and also featuring the best aerodynamics design. In addition, the manufacturer will also be possible to offer some optional colors for better design outside the bodywork of 2017 Grand Cherokee.

2017 Grand Cherokee New Engine

Speaking about the official engine, 2017 Grand Cherokee has been planned to come with several engine variants for having the expected performance. The first priority is V8 engine which is very possible to generate the power more than 360 hp as well as 290 pound-feet of torque. About the optional engines, 2017 Grand Cherokee will offer the V6 engine, it will be incorporated to the SRT model. Meanwhile, the V8 engine of diesel version will be the last choice to offer. The 6-speed gear transmissions will be mated to all engine variants for having the best acceleration even also speed.

2017 Grand Cherokee Release Date and Price

Rumorly, this version will be offered on market industry either in late 2016 or also in the beginning of 2017. For the new price estimation, the company will decide the price tag between $30,000 and $55,000 for 2017 Grand Cherokee.

2017 Grand Cherokee SRT Gallery

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