2017 Kia Rio Hatchback

Saturday, October 10th 2015 | Kia

2017 Kia Rio will have new model with super sleek style and the updates technology. This car will be shown in the Paris Motor Show. Some changes will come in the interior, exterior and of course the engine performance even though the company has not release the official information yet.

2017 Kia Rio Front Angle
2017 Kia Rio Exterior Improvement

The exterior design of this car will have new design which remodelled the front side structures of the car. This new model will make this car looks more update even though the improvements will not leave the recent model. The company still wants to keep the model of this car which is hatch-back and sedan models which is available in three trim choices which are LX, Ex, and SX. In line with the exterior, the interior will also have some improvements. The cabin will be designed with chrome materials. It is also added with the 4 dash-board-air-vents. The new centre stack will be updated with the audio program which also becomes the new function. The seats of 2017 Kia Rio will be covered by high quality materials that cannot be predicted can be used for how long. To complete the changes in interior part, the trim of this car will also be modified.

2017 Kia Rio Engine Specs

The official information about the engine used in this 2017 Kia Rio is still uninformed yet. But, according to some rumours, this car will have 4- engine with 1.6-liter which can produce 138 horsepower and 123 pounds feet of twisting. It is predicted that the company will complete this car with suspensions with steering to make it different with the previous type. The LX type will have the 6-speed transmission but SX and EX will be available with the 6-speed with automatic gearbox. It is predicted that this car will preserve energy plant with providing some adjustments which will make it more efficient in the output.

2017 Kia Rio Release Date

The predicted release date of this car will be on the next year because there is still no official information from the company about it yet. It goes the same with the price of this car. The price of this car cannot be predicted yet because the information about the changes and engines are also uninformed officially yet. However, looking from the different from its previous type, this 2017 Kia Rio will have expensive price than the previous type.

2017 Kia Rio Gallery

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