2017 Land Rover Discovery

Friday, August 7th 2015 | Land Rover

It is not the time for Land Rover to give up in the market. They would like to step forward among some strong rivals by preparing the great 2017 Land Rover Discovery. It is one of the most wanted cars in the market with several improvements to offer especially for its design. The cabin and engine will be the main prior. Rumors mentioned that the improvements around the car are still a big mystery.

Land Rover Discovery Front Angle

We are pretty sure that new Land Rover Discovery 2017 has better capability especially for the engine performance to complete the refreshed body design. In addition, it offers you a higher level of comfort.

2017 Land Rover Discovery Exterior and Interior

The design for this car is quite great with the minor improvement to support its front body design. Thanks for the redesigned front grille in order to make it much more masculine than before especially with the sharp headlamp to make it more stylish and menacing. In addition, the bodywork for 2017 Land Rover Discovery has more aerodynamic feature so that the performance is totally improved with better curve.

Speaking about the cabin design, it is expected that this brand new car will be released with the higher level of comfort to give more satisfaction for the customers. The cabin design is quite new with the presence of leather material seating. Its dimension is enlarged so that the cabin could support for more than five people because the seating could be adjusted to seven passenger seat. The cockpit is simpler than before to help better driving control in 2017 Discovery.

2017 Land Rover Discovery Spec

All new cars surely should offer better engine specification as the best weapon to amaze buyers. We think that the competition among some strong rivals could be increased by supporting 2017 Land Rover Discovery with excellent engine execution. Although the company does not reveal any hint at all, it seems that the possible engine to use is the four-cylinder engine with 2.0 liter. This engine is paired with nine-speed auto transmission so that the driving control could be increased along with the speed. However, it is still hard to get known the amount of output and torque power by using this engine.

2017 Land Rover Discovery Release Date and Price

2017 Land Rover Discovery is still under the development and its release date is still too far. Rumor mentioned that it could come out sometime in 2016 with the price tag that should not be more than $39,000

2017 Land Rover Discovery Gallery

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