2017 Lexus LS Redesign

Thursday, March 5th 2015 | Lexus

2017 Lexus LS will have new difference than the last versions. In the future, this car will feature the best interior and exterior. But its optional engine side is still unknown yet.

2017 Lexus LS Rendering
2017 Lexus LS Redesign

New 2017 Lexus LS is going to bring many possibilities of change. For several components of the bodywork, the manufacturer will probably include the redesigned grille, bumpers and also LED headlights. As a result, its front body will come with more aggressive even also attractive appearances followed with the classic L logo. On the other way, the manufacturer is also going to offer the carbon fiber made of lightweight materials to decrease the car in order to have the best consumption of fuel usage. For attracting many customer to buy, 2017 LS is also available with several trim levels. And about the interior design, the manufacturer is going to modify the car to feature the luxurious interior followed with spacious space and high quality materials consisted of upholstery, 12.3-inch LCD screen, aluminum controls even more. Along with this, the roof space is also be considered for the tall passengers who are going to be sitting inside new Lexus LS 2017.

Lexus LS Specs

About its performance, the 2017 Lexus LS is still not unknown yet which one of engine sides to use. When we review to the last version, the manufacturer has offered the V8 engine paired with a 4.6 litre. That’s why, this engine is capable to produce more than 386 hp as well as 367 pound-feet of torque. Besides that, this engine system will also make the car sprint from 0-60 mph within 5.4 seconds. And the 130 mph is the top speed of this system. In addition, the eight-speed automatic gearbox will also be mated with this engine side for better acceleration. And what about the big new possibility? This new car will produce powerful performance if the company include the V8 engine worked on its RWD and also AWD systems. Hopefully, the manufacturer will consider more about the new specs in 2017 Lexus LS.

2017 Lexus LS Release Date

Actually, this car does not only reveal the new designs and also engine option, but also reveal the first debut on marketplace, the company will be feasible to present this car sometime in the last of 2016. And the company will reveal thereafter the new price range for 2017 Lexus LS.

2017 Lexus LS Gallery

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