2017 Mercedes GL Class

Tuesday, August 4th 2015 | Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes is not only working on their new sedan, but they are under big rumor in order to launch the new premium SUV named 2017 Mercedes GL. This company is quite popular to produce some great cars and therefore they could keep going with some strong rivals in the market.

Considering that the competition on this car is getting more advanced day goes by, 2017 Mercedes GL will be prepared with some refreshments. Some new things are added to support its improvement. Once it is ready to be released, it would not be easy for the rivals to take over its position.

Mercedes GL Class Front Angle
2017 Mercedes GL
Exterior and Interior

After collecting some data, we also found a positive indication that this car will carry some changes provided by the official. This latest version will be redesigned to be much better than before and some iconic parts will be retained as its identity. It is quite promising to find out the same body dimension in this car as the previous model. Its design is only much better than the predecessor with minor revisions to give more modern yet very stylish.

The last important thing is around the cabin which will be the same as the previous model especially for its styling. It means that the car will receive its previous premium look with the support of high quality material. Still based on rumor, the 2017 Mercedes GL will get some minor updates especially for the security and entertainment system to offer more excitements for both driver and passengers. Since all information is still based on rumors, what we could recommend to you is waiting the official announcement.

2017 Mercedes GL Engine

There will be a new engine to complete this car. That was what we heard from rumors. It is speculated that the new engine will be the best solution to offer improved fuel economy. If this rumor comes true, it means that 2017 Mercedes GL will be installed with V6 engine and 3.0 liter to produce the amount of output for more than 333 horsepower and there are two engine options that could be petrol or diesel.

2017 Mercedes GL Release Date and Price

Until we are writing this report, we found no information yet related to the real release date for this 2017 Mercedes GL. We found some rumors mentioned that the company might release it next year at the first half. Speaking about the price tag, it is rumored that the cost could be slightly higher than the previous model which only around $65,000.

2017 Mercedes GL Class Gallery

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